Transition Phase 1

You’d think that five years of investing time and money into something would have to direct you on only one path. Change decided to scrap that idea. When i was in the 8th grade i discovered architecture and its versatile relationship with advancing technology. Discovery Channel showed me these mega structures that were possible because of the booming technological feats of Humanity. It had the intricacies of design, the marvel of science and was a catapult to the future.

This was to be my career path, I decided. It was a conflict of psychology, journalism, the arts and science and the world provided me with the perfect middle ground. Five years later I found myself sitting at an office desk, checking construction drawings and making sure work at the building site went smooth. So much for the big dream.

There is an overused phrase, especially among architects, that change is the only constant. A year into my regular architecture job and a new opportunity came up, a ton of people didn’t look at it as an opportunity, they called it a risk. Letting go of your comfortable job for something so radical that was literally breaking new ground. Five years back I wouldn’t be taking the same risks I am now, which brings me to the first phase of my transition.


In a matter of  four months, life decided to pull the comfortable rug out from underneath me. Now I split my time designing, writing blogs, learning electronics, building installations with wood and steel and of course my favourite pass of time, PC gaming and everyday has something new to offer with fresh avenues and opportunities. One day i’m welding a metal installation, the next day i’m designing a poster with a business pitch meeting coming up in a few hours. I couldn’t ask for anything better.

Think Happy Everyday, an ideology that works brilliantly with me is what we at [THE] Workshop are setting out to dissipate to the rest of the world. It might be a long haul but boy are we rearing to go, with the right blend of design, research, art and tech with a whole lot of heart and passion as our fuel.


All this only goes to prove that you don’t have to be stuck in a rut just because your folks told you that you should do engineering or become a doctor. You don’t need to sit at your desk job all day, you don’t need to follow the path that the system has convinced you is the right path. Dont not take risks, DO NOT SETTLE. It’s time for a transition.

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